Khloe and K. Brule go head to head in lastest fight

Earlier yesterday there was a verbal fight between white boy K. brule and his game partner Khloe.

We think this might have been triggered by the what i hate about you task which was there on 8th/2/2018. Remember some housemates where telling K. brule to “man up”.

So yesterday a pissed off K. brule holding his bottle of water came and confronted Khloe told her to stop shouting at him, calling him stupid, calling him useless, you know with Khloe, she can’t keep quiet at this, she asked him, “Am i the only one who calls you that get out idiot, Abeg.” K. brule went out but ended it calling her “illiterate”, with Angel there trying to calm them down.

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To our surprise, just hours after that had happened and the housemates had finished playing the Arena games in which Angel emerged winner, we saw a relaxed K. brule with Khloe, the two were on the couch, with Khloe in between K. brule’s legs kissing his stomach, Humm wonders shall never end ooo.

Beats us, could this be a game strategy? or someone is trying to build a strong relationship.

Check out more photos below:

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