Cee-C and Princess sort out their differences

There is no way one can keep avoiding another while you are still living in the same house for long, this morning Princes and Cee-C got to talk and sort out there differences.

Remember yesterday Princess had to complain about what she had hard Cee-C say that “she could not eat that kind of food”, meaning that the food that Princess cooks is always full of smoke, ( oooch, now that is hurting to a lady).

Today they got to seat down one on one to talk out their issues.

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Princess told Cee-C the she does not hate her that in fact she loved her from the first day they entered the Big Brother Naija house

Below is how part of their conversation went;

Princess: I was like happy for you like in many ways even pushing you to the guy you like (meaning Tobi)

Cee-C: there was never a crush for Tobi, when i said to him that choose me, it was just being playful, what we have between me and him is just plain friendship

Princess: it looks like you don’t care mixing with most of the housemates?

Cee-C: No that is not true the only person that i haven’t talked with like one on one in this house is Anto

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Cee-C ends the conversation saying “am glad this has happened because a lot of issues have been settled now, lets forget every thing and just start a new clean sheet”

Lets keep on watching and see where the game ends for these two.

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