Ahneeka Blasts Teddy A, Says He Has No Respect For Women

Since Big Brother Naija 2018, Double Wahala begun, housemate Ahneeka, has been one to be quite reserved and all but she eventually lost her cool last night after Teddy A made a comment to her.

Just some minutes after Friday night’s Payporte Arena games was concluded, Teddy A simply told Ahneeka, to not be silly – this, Ahneeka misintepreted and all hell was let loose.

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Ahneeka, with immediate effect flared up and began blasting Teddy A, saying he has no respect for women and all, she displayed all vulgarity by saying he’s ‘f**king stupid’ on the live show.

Ahneeka was blazing hot as she brought the heat in the house like wild fire with Big Bitto trying to cool her off but her fire just won’t quench.

It was only moments later, that the lovely went to sit next to Angel who opened his arms wide, where she found solace – Angel said whatever Teddy A said was his opinion so she shouldn’t let it get to her.

Even Leo came around to air his own view – saying all Teddy A said was for her not to be silly and not the other way round – but Ahneeka wouldn’t have any of his talks, so he took his leave.

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Apparently, her quiet attitude had her observing things around the house, as she said she observed that from day 1, Teddy A has always been disrespectful to the women in the house and the way he even speaks to Bambam sometimes is disrespectful.

Well, we continue to see the true colours of these housemates as they unveil them to us.

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